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real talk real relationships

Ladies, ever wonder what's going on in a man's mind and heart?


Executive Creator C. Regi Rodgers


Formerly as a celebrated Pastor, C. Regi Rodgers was a very busy man in the Christian world as well as in the community. He authored an Internet column entitled “Rev. Regi’s Recess”, which appeared in the Gospel EUR and Mona stereo. He released his first book and CD titled Playa2Praya, which also received the endorsement of the GMWA. He has appeared as a guest on TCT Network “I’m Just Saying”, the Word Network on “Heavenly Sent”, TV 57 in Atlanta on “Atlanta Live”, and other local cable and national radio programming as well as being featured in “Encore” Magazine. His ministry is a blessing to many within the country and his message has now expanded into contemporary mainstream consciousness.

As a man of integrity, character and excellence, along with a magnetic personality and warm smile, he appeals to many as a gifted teacher, speaker, mentor, author, and playwright. This charismatic man is focused on sharing universal principles and laws, leading people to understand their own destiny and their power to create their own reality. Because C. Regi Rodgers is always willing to challenge cultural norms and even his own beliefs, he is evolutionary and revolutionary; there is so much more within him, the best is yet to come.